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Menard's popular book has been described as an "excellent road map" for today's perilous health care landscape. "THE NOT SO PATIENT ADVOCATE" continues to receive rave reviews from lay populations and health care providers, as well as from doctors and nurses, alike. Ellen provides practical and credible advice and counsel to help deal with the frequent and inevitable pitfalls associated with today's complex and frustrating health care systems.

With a passion and credibility fueled by the Author's:

  • Purpose and ambition to help people;
  • Own multiple hospitalizations, brain surgeries and Radiation treatment patient experiences,
  • AND the clinical, managerial and executive experience to back it up...

...Ellen Menard speaks and writes for both health care leaders and providers, as well as general audiences.



"Ellen Menard nails the active ingredient in building empowering partnerships between patients and the doctors and nurses who care for them – assertively being an active participant and partner of one's plan of care. She shows in concrete, step by step fashion how to take the simple but essential steps required to become an active partner with your caregivers. This is truly the best blueprint I have seen to regaining control of your life when serious illness strikes.”

- J. Knox Singleton
CEO & Board of Directors, Inova Health Systems, Falls Church, VA

"There is a tremendous gap between how patients and doctors think.  The NSPA is a great resource to help bridge that gap and help patients become true partners in their own care, minimize medical errors and even lower their medical bills.  I was surprised and delighted to read how insightful Ellen Menard is and I strongly recommend this book to patients, which we ALL are, were or will be, one day.”

- Ann M. Hester MD, Board ,
Certified, Internal Medicine.

"Ellen Menard is a 'one of a kind.' Not only does she have many years of senior management and HR executive experience, many extraordinary accomplishments, but she also is a warm and giving person to those in need. Her knowledge and erudition, along with her enthusiasm and humor, when she speaks to groups- large and small, are truly singular in my experience. If I tell you that Ellen's presentation leaves not a dry eye in the house, you can believe me when I also tell you it is because her empathy and compassion shine through and touches all who have been fortunate enough to hear her speak."

- Jo Moyer,
Lee, Hecht, Harrison.

"Ellen Menard's book The Not So Patient Advocate shares insightful do's and don'ts for how to be diplomatically assertive to receive the quality of medical care you want, need and deserve. Ellen's unique "trifecta" of experience as a former healthcare executive, MBA and patient give this book a welcome realistic approach. After reading just a few pages, you'll understand why Ellen was asked to speak at the Worldwide Healthcare Congress and why she won the Society of Human Resource Management's first ever Strategic Business Award for her outstanding contributions to the field of Human Resources."

- Sam Horn, Vice President,
noted author, lecturer and former Executive Director of the world-renowned Maui Writer's Conference