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The Health Care I deserve? You're asking yourself: "Are you serious? Is it really possible?"

Oh, how many times have I heard that and I wanted to shout YES, YES, YES! " C'monnn," you are saying, shaking your head. Okay, so it is completely understandable that you are skeptical. But, I invite you and your loved ones to look more closely at these web pages and then, the pages of my own, now celebrated, book. Because, like so many others who have found their power, your own frustration with our, often infuriating, Health Care system could soon be over!

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Not so Patient

That's me and also the name of my book. My Mom always told me as a child, that my lack of patience would be my biggest life flaw. She was right, as usual. In my 30 year career as a Clinician and Senior Health Care Executive, I am sure I ruffled a few feathers, challenging conventional, and especially, negative thinking. But, here's the thing. There is nothing I know more about or care more about than patients and their caregivers. Nothing. Thus, I work today as a Patient Advocacy Expert. It is a reflection of my lifelong passion, purpose and, yes, impatience to help people get the Health Care they deserve. And it is the culmination of my many experiences and true patient stories to which you will surely relate. Take care and read on!